Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Dinner Menu and Family Night Lessons

Yesterday my family got back from our California trip to visit family and friends. It was so great to enjoy summer and have adventures. Now is the perfect time to do laundry, clean up our house,plan dinner menus for the month, and maybe listen to the rest of our audio book while we fold clothes. This month I am trying to keep dinners simple. I know having family dinner together is important and will bless our families.

1. Ceaser Chicken Salad
2. Breakfast Burritos
3. Pizza
4. Hamburgers
5. Ceasar Wraps
6. Lighter Chinese Chicken Salad
7. Ka-bobs
8. Omelettes
9. Taco Salad
10. Salmon
11. Herb Rubbed Pork chops
12. Flautas
13. Meaty Pasta
14. Waffles
15. Potato Skins
16. BBQ Chicken Salad
17. Buttermilk Chicken
18. Celebrate 13 years of marriage
19. Buttermilk Ranch Wraps
20. Pork Barbacoa
21. Pizza
22. Cafe Rio Salad
23. Fiesta Pork with Guacamole
24. Soup (Pioneer Day)
25. Quesadilla's
26 Tacos
27. Black Bean Burgers
28. Stir Fry
29. Burrito Bowls
30. Citrus Marinated Chicken Sandwich
31. French Onion Soup (Harry Potter's Birthday!)

You can also check out other dinner menus here, here, here, here, and here.

Our family life flows much easier when we plan out our Family Night Lessons.

July 6th Our Nations Independence

July 12th The Family Proclamation

July 20th Pioneer History

July 27th Heber J Grant

Can't wait to share our pictures and adventures from California. We had so much fun. Only three weeks left till we are back in school and we need to soak it up!!!

Happy Summer!!!

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