Monday, July 27, 2015

We LOVE Papa



Some of you who know me also know my wonderful Father-in-law. Some children think he is Santa due to his impressive beard and the twinkle in his eye. Others of you may know him as your trusted mechanic at Glenn’s Brake and Alignment. (And if you don’t know him but are near the Orange Country area you might want to get to know him)

But to my kids he is just Papa! And as much as Papa loves fishing and old cars, he loves his grandkids even more. They love spending time with him. And what you may not know is he has some pretty good dance moves. Okay, 1 really good dance move. And his dancing song is One Step Beyond. It’s his song and he just owns it. My husband had an idea for a fun video for his birthday.

And I wanted to take a picture so I remember that memory. He dressed the boys in Papa’s uniform: Hawaiian shirts, jean shorts, and flip flops. I think they look a lot like him. What do you think? 

papa picture

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

We are so thankful to have you in our lives! And these boys sure do love you! Thank you for all you do!




Draco, who seems pretty good at tinkering and

I am hoping will learn some tips from his papa someday.


And Yoda. I love watching these two together…

He says he loves papa because he lets him do anything. Which is pretty much true. Papa gives him pretty much whatever he wanted.


One year our Halloween Costumes allowed my hubby the chance to dress up like his dad. So pretty much I know what he is going to look like in the years to come….


We LOVE you Papa! Thanks for all you do!

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