Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Meal Plan

So many fun things planned this month!!! I {love} February!!!

1. Shake 'n Bake Pork Chops, roasted potatoes, & a veggie
2. Noodles
3. Chicken Enchilada's ( Recipe to follow)
4. Sweet & Sour Chicken
5. Slow Cooker Philly sandwiches
6. Spinach Rolls Concert Night!
7. French Bread with Pesto Broiled
8. leftovers
9.BBQ Chicken Salad
10. Flautas (But I don't add beer) and Crock Pot re-fried beans
11. Pasta with olive oil, raw tomatoes, garlic, and basil
12. Black Bean Soup
13. Lemon Rosemary Chicken
14. Pasta with Meat Sauce Valentines Day
15. Leftovers
16. Fish 'n Chips
17. Blue & Gold Dinner for cub scouts
18. Salmon
19. Chinese New Year Sweet 'n Sour Chicken, Egg rolls, & Rice.
20. Out
21. Out
22. Out
23. Quesadilla
24. Potato Soup
25. BLT's with Avocado
26. BBQ Chicken Pizza Soup
27. Baked Parmesan Chicken
28. Taco Salad

Hope you get some ideas  for your dinner menu. I know I love eating yummy food with my family every night. I love it when the conversations keep going and my kids crack up about some inside joke they have. And we love it when dad can make it home for dinner. Some nights we have to start without him. Family dinner time is important.

Also we love having our Family Night or FHE (Family Home Evening).

2nd Lesson on Prayer and popcorn balls (recipe to follow!)

9th Lesson on Wilford Woodruff Still thinking of a fun treat idea! Let me know if you get any ideas...

16th Conference Talk The Law of The Fast. We had a really good experience with fasting this month. This talk also talks about caring for the poor which will be great timing as we think about our love for others.

23rd Preach My Gospel

For more Dinner Ideas check out

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