Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Menu Plan

Our menu plan for November

1 Leftovers
2 Steak Tacos
3 Dinner at a friends house
4 BBQ Pulled Pork
5 Cafe Rio Chicken
6 Chicken Pesto
7 Philly Sandwiches
8 Pesto Sandwiches
9 Baked Flautas ( I don't use beer in my though)
10 Hamburgers
11 Oven Fried Chicken
12 Taco Tuesday with Crock Pot Re-fried Beans
13 Baked Potato Soup
14 Poor Boy's Steak
15 Taco Pizza
16 Thanksgiving Dinner
17 Leftovers
18 Fajitas
19 Baked Rosemary Chicken
20 BBQ Chopped Salad
21 Turkey Soup
22 Lemon Chicken
23 Cafe Rio Soup
24 Leftovers
25 Baked Chicken Parmesan
26 Au Jus Sandwiches
27 Leftovers
28 Thanksgiving
29 Eating Out
30 Salad and Bread

When planning the menu for the month I like to plan our family nights as well. Every Monday night we gather to learn, sing, feel the spirit, and eat some treats together. It's a wonderful tradition that helps our family have more love and peace. It also strengthens family relationships. I invite you to try to have Monday night your family night. Even if you just play a game together or just share dessert.

3rd. Helping out around the House.
Our family always seems to need this one. ;)

10th Brigham Young We are working on studying about our Prophets in these latter days.

17th The 3rd week we review a General Conference Talk. I really enjoyed this one, Are We Not All Beggars? I think it's especially a good listen with Thanksgiving this month.
I would encourage you, no matter what faith you are, to listen to this powerful message. I know it is filled with true and good things. We all can extend kindness and compassion.

24th Preach My Gospel. As we have 3 sons who will someday serve missions we are trying to teach correct principals and truths that will better prepare them to serve others.

Last night I had the opportunity to hear a local church leader give advice on how I can be better as a parent. One of the things I felt I needed to do was invite my children to act. I will try this month to give assignments and encourage my sons to organize a game, share an experience, or teach a scripture. I know this will help them more fully live their faith.

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