Friday, July 3, 2015

A Perfect Bathing Suit for 4th of July…

I am super excited to share today! I had this idea over 4 years ago. But the timing wasn’t right. You see, I was talking to my family about what we should do for Halloween. With so many boys it was only natural to suggest Super Heroes. My boys were like ‘'”You could be Wonder Woman.” And the thought of me, dressed up as Wonder Woman, at our church Trunk of Treat made me giggle.
I believe in being modest. And modesty to me means showing respect for my body that my Heavenly Father has given me. I’m pretty conservative. I don’t show my stomach. I aim for high necklines. I wear sleeves. And my shorts are pretty long. This is the way I have chosen to dress. And to dress my daughter. And I totally understand that there are lots of ways to be modest and show respect for our bodies. And others may even dress modestly in a different way than me. And that’s okay.
When it comes bathing suits I like a one piece. Or a tankini top that is really long so it still covers my midsection. One time a young girl made a comment that Wonder Woman wasn’t dressed very modest. But I told her, “What if she was on the way to the pool, and she heard a cry for help and that is why she is dressed that way.” I totally think it’s okay for young girls to notice when people outside their families live different ways. But I think it’s also great to teach them that they are still great people. And it’s okay to do things differently.
So years ago, when I was pregnant with Yoda, I had an idea for a Wonder Woman bathing suit. Wouldn’t that be cool? My boys love it! But as cool as a preggo Wonder Woman would be, I wouldn’t get a lot of use out of that. So I decided to wait.
And the timing was perfect! Because I found these bottoms at Old Navy! I have never made a bathing suit before. I would hate to mess up the bottoms.

I will be sharing a tutorial for the top soon! But I wanted to let you have a chance to snag the bottoms. I am super happy with how it turned out. And to be honest, I think I will leave the cuffs, crown, and heels at home when it is time to swim. Baby girl loves it and wants her own cuffs. Draco loved it! And gave me two thumbs up. Gandalf said he would still swim with me if I wore this out. And Yoda said my bottoms weren’t covering all off my butt. Darn you Lasso of truth. I had to break it to Yoda that those were my thighs, and it’s okay if they are bigger. And by the way, your welcome for bringing you into this world. I did some ruching on the side of my top because my super power is giving life to four amazing children. And I added some ties to tie around my neck because my kids love to pull down my top when we are in the pool. And as I mentioned I am trying to be modest.

Hope you have a SUPER day!!!

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  1. Oh my heck!!! I love this post. I love the way you talk about living your standards but not judging others harshly for living differently. That was hard for me to learn. You really are Wonder Woman! Love the swimming suit.