Sunday, April 26, 2015

Deliver Us Concert Review

This last weekend has been busy and amazing! The long awaited Deliver Us Concert was Friday and Saturday night. I had heard how amazing this concert would be, and it lived up to it's hype. To make the moment even sweeter, it was my youngest son's first concert. He loved performing. And he was so proud to be like his dad and brothers. 

Some of my personal favorites were the opening number Deliver Us, Build An Ark, Dry Bones, When you Believe, and a beautiful arrangement of Come, Come Ye Saints by Brett Stewart. Really every song was wonderfully done. And my favorite favorite was Felix Mendelssohn's Elijah. John Huntington portrayed him in their oratorio. He was the absolute star of the show!!! 

The opening song was strong and powerful. I especially loved the orchestra part. Music and text was by Stephen Schwartz and it was arranged my Brett Stewart. I was moved to tears. I don't think I reflect as much as I should on the hardship of being a slave in Egypt. The song was filled with emotion and I was better able to imagine what a trial that might be. I know they were slaves but this piece made it come alive for me. I know our dear Jewish friends spend time during Passover reflecting the four ways this night is different from other nights. I think the people of Moses' day appreciate when we remember them, their sacrifice, and their faith. The solos were touching and sweet. I also thought about the heart ache it must have been to have your new baby killed just to make a people less strong. My heart breaks for those sweet families. I know if my sweet daughter had been born during that time I would have been crushed. I am so thankful for the plan of happiness and the hope it brings.

 The Build An Ark song sounded like a heavenly choir. Gandalf sings in the children's choir and my heart swelled when I saw him. He was up there singing his heart out. He loves the music. And even though it can be hard for him to focus having Asperger's he is thriving in this program. I think they do a great job with being understanding yet firm. He rises to the occasion. I could tell he especially loved singing in the oratorio Elijah. He was watching Professor Stewart and singing his heart out. I love how this program is building his confidence, increasing his testimony, and nurturing his love for good music. 

Yoda and Draco sang Dry Bones. I posted a picture from the Friday concert and had heard from others that there was a 'dry bones dance'. I don't know how I missed that. I made the boys show me Saturday morning. Yoda danced and told me, "Do you see how I am not hitting anyone with my elbows??" He was so proud of himself. 

The dance was SO adorable Saturday night! I couldn't take my eyes off of Yoda! He did so great! Singing, watching Professor Stewart, dancing, and following directions. I am so proud of him!!!
Draco did great too. But I did notice a furrowed brow. Apparently he was looking for me.

I love that my boys could sing in this wonderful concert hall. 

Friday night I dropped the boys off for their call time. Baby girl and I waited to see dad. He left early for work that morning and would be home when she was already asleep. I saw him before she did and snapped some pictures when she saw him coming. She loves him so much.

I had to come back Friday night to give Draco his insulin for dinner so we stayed in the area. Baby girl wanted to see the temple. It was wonderful to spend and hour and a half walking the grounds and visiting the Visitors Center. She loves the statue of Jesus Christ. I love how much she loves temples. This is the temple where her great grandparents were married many years ago. It is dear to our family. 

(Have I mentioned she is getting stronger and standing more. And we are even getting steps in there!!!)

Those of you in California, this concert is a must see!!! You will be blown away with the Oratorio. John Huntington is perfect for this performance!!! Seeing him and hearing this powerful music stirs your soul. It is amazing how music can create such a feeling, an emotion. I'm sure Elijah was happy with his performance. I found out that the same year Felix felt inspired to write this piece was the same year we believe Elijah visited Joseph Smith in the Kirkland Temple and restored the sealing power on the earth fulfilling the prophecy in Malachi, 

 All the soloists were lovely. I love the movement and emotion from the choir. Their portrayal of the children of Israel was powerful. I feel like I can't even explain how amazing this performance was. You will just have to see it for yourself.

Some of our friends in Orange County miss watching my husband. He really gets into it. It's why he's in the front. That, and because he is handsome. (They call them the money beets) He told me some of the sopranos he didn't know had to come tell him how much they enjoy watching him from across the hall. That was so sweet of them. I know I really missed seeing the youth I love so dearly perform. I wish I could be there next Wednesday! And my amazing friend Alex who plays the bassoon! I missed spotting her in the orchestra. But those of you who love watching Grady will forget all about him when you see John perform!

Grady was kind enough to share his favorite part of the concert.

One of the most moving parts for me as a singer, is when Elijah is pleading for God to send us rain again. As he asks God to "look down on us from Heaven... and send us relief." As a choir we echo his prayer and sweetly sing, "open the Heavens and send us relief! Help, help thy servant now, O God!'
I think of our Prophet today, as he prays for us and how we can help us feel the relief the Atonement brings.

Then as the song gets more distressing, we sorrow even more and mourn, "help, send thy servant help, O God!" As I read of the illness and medical needs of Elder Perry and Elder Scott, I could not help but say that same prayer in earnest for their welfare and well being. Singing in "Deliver Us" has helped be better understand and better love the Prophets and Apostles in their divine mission.

This is a concert you don't want to miss!! Go see it this Wednesday

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