Monday, April 20, 2015

Simple Little Coat Rack Tutorial

I bought a coat rack years ago at TJ Max. I really love that store. And I liked the coat rack I got. Hooks are so much easier and a must for kids. But it was made from pressed wood and the back hardware fell off after a couple of weeks. I tried several times to fix it or nail in new hardware, but nothing was working.

Then I thought I just need to make one. Really it's not that hard. On one of my Monday treasure hunts I scored this free piece of wood. (The first Monday of the month where I live people set out things they don't want) I cut the wood to fit the space I had for it. Originally I was going to paint it but I love the way the wood looks.

I was at Home Depot for one of their Kids Workshops. I had met my cub scouts there so we could passed off Achievement 5e. I was able to pick up these hooks for around $10. I had all the other supplies on hand. I love when I don’t have to spend much on a project.


  • Piece of wood
  • Stain or paint
  • vinyl stencil or decal (optional)
  • Hooks
  • Drill
  • Ruler
  • Hard ware for the back to hang it up

  • Cut your wood and sand as needed. Stain or Paint your wood. Then measure out where you want to screw in your hardware. I had to use a drill bit to make a small hole so my screws could go in easier. Careful not to make your holes so big that the screws won't actually screw in. I’m not an expert in using a drill. And one of my hooks isn’t quite perfect but I’m okay with it. And I remind my sometimes OCD brain that when I see it.

    This rack is next to our garage door and it is where we leave every morning. It's perfect for my purse, the kid’s backpacks, and jackets. One thing that we need to be better at is morning prayers. We are pretty good at praying in the evening and before dinner. But our mornings are really crazy. My kids never can seem to find their shoes or clothes. Really they just wanna play and read and not get ready for school let alone church. All that extra clothing like belt and ties makes life that much harder.

    Family prayer is essential. I want to have a chance to pray as a family before I send my children off in the world. They need that protection. That's why I added a small little saying "Did you think to Pray?" (I love that song) That way when I grab my purse or the boys grab their backpacks we can have a reminder that we need to have a family prayer.

    Really you could skip a saying. Or add your family name or a saying like "Be Kind" or any other message you want your kids to see. I like that it isn't flashy, but just a small reminder.

    Originally I had the saying higher but my sweetheart thought it would look better lower and I quite agree. I was blessed to get a Cameo Silhouette and was able to make my stencil. Then I used leftover paint from my dresser. If you don't have a silhouette and need a place to get vinyl there is a great etsy shop Little Mrs Crafty. She does a great job and can get you what you need. She makes toilet targets for little boys. They are too cute.

    When I was finished I sealed it with wax and hung it up. I am happy with how it turned out. I love how solid and secure the wood is. Going weeks with the back packs on the ground was driving me crazy. And I am hoping it helps us remember our family prayers in the morning.

    Thanks for reading! Hope I can help make your home a little more organized.

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