Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Percy Jackson Cake Tutorial

My son's Percy Jackson party was so much fun! I am loving this book series right along with my three sons. When I was searching for ideas for decorating his cake I was seriously impressed. There are some really cool cakes out there. Most of them well above my skill level.

I do love the ombre effect on cakes. A fairly simple task of adding more dye to each section. That is when I thought I would try and mimic waves from the ocean. But I was still stumped on what to do on the top. I thought about bunting or just writing out his name, but then I thought a trident would look great on top and it would stay with our theme.

I love using cookie cutters to stamp out fondant. But I really didn't want to buy and try to find a trident cookie cutter. That's when I got this idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I'll cut out a shape with my Cameo Silhouette on card stock and use it as a template.

Really You can cut out anything. Some one's name. A fox. Pikachu. Giant lips. A tardis. The options are endless.

Decorating a Cake using A Silhouette

Small paint brush
Pizza cutter
paring knife
Powdered Sugar
Small bowl of water
A template made from your Silhouette

First you need to make your cake. These are a huge help! I bought them years ago. They fit around your pan and help your cake bake more evenly and level. I just used a box cake this time but substituted milk for water and butter for oil. I was able to do this a few days before to save time.

You can either buy or make your fondant. I love How Does She's fondant recipe. I have used it a couple of times. And it's super yummy. She also has tips for frosting a cake.

Once my fondant was made and my cake was frosted with a yummy butter cream frosting it was time to get to work. I divided my fondant into three amounts, well 4. I had a small ball for the trident on top. At first I was going to do three shades of blue, but because I was short on time I thought I would leave one white. Ocean foam is white, right? Leave some for your design on top. And then divide into three sections. Color them their desired color. Wrap them back up till ready to work with them.

Roll your fondant into a fat little worm and then roll it out lengthwise with your roller. I love my Pampered Chef roller. I then used my Pizza Cutter and free handed a little wave.

Dip your paint brush into your bowl of water to help the fondant stick. Starting at the top wrap it around your cake. Because I was working from a idea in my head I didn't start as high as I would have liked. If I were to do it over I wouldn't have the top part of the cake showing at all. Keep working around the cake doing one color at a time. I liked finishing row by row and varying my "waves" by putting low and high points near each other.


Some parts were a little cracked. I just painted a little extra water to smooth them out as pictured above. As you are finishing up on the bottom row cut the bottom in a straight line so it lines up nicely with your cake platter. Though it might be smarter to fix this before you put it on your cake.

Cut out your design using your Silhouette, or free hand if you don't have one yet. Using a paring knife trace your design.

I wanted my trident to have a longer staff so I improvised.

Clean up any edges with your knife. I laid my fondant design on my hand and then carefully placed it on my cake. Get an idea where you want it before you pick it up.  Also I picked my best display of my waves and made sure to make that the front of my cake. You can also use a rolling pin and drape it over and then place it on your cake.

Adjust if you need to. Try not to move it around too much or your frosting can move around as well.
And don't get too discouraged if it doesn't turn out perfect. I made this cake for Draco 2 years ago. It so wasn't perfect, but boy did his face light up when he saw it. Making cakes is a labor of love. And I am sure whom ever you are making your cake for will absolutely love it!

It will look even better on a Dollar Tree tablecloth. For more Percy Jackson party ideas click HERE. If you do make these waves or use a stencil for your cake share your link in the comments. I love seeing other cake creations! Thanks again!

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