Monday, April 20, 2015

Thrift Store Find Makeover

I found this great Thrift store in the East Valley area. It's called 360 Thrift. I really needed a little play table for baby girl. It would be perfect therapy for her to stand and play at a table to help strengthen her legs. Not only did I find one for only $1.99 I also found this gem...

Isn't it perfect!!! I have been driving around on Mondays looking for something just like this on my treasure drives. I recently came across this post from the Crafting Chicks. (I love their site) It has a link to kitchen plans from the amazing Ana White. She has so many great building plans to make pretty much anything. I love the homemade kitchen. And a darling kitchen set for $127 was a pretty fair price. But honestly that's not really in my budget right now. But I was totally inspired by her designs and I thought I could save some money by making my own.

And then I was lucky enough to find this gem at the thrift store.


Nightstand (Or whatever else you can modify)
scrap wood
Stove knobs
Oven drawer pull

First step was to paint this awesome piece I found. I almost went with a teal for a retro kind of feel, but this yellow makes me happy. I used Deco Art American Chalk Paint in Delicate.

Deco Art Americana Chalky Finish Paint, 8-Ounce, Delicate
I got it at Hobby Lobby. Next I measured what size I wanted my oven door. The bottom area of the night stand has a lip. It made the hinge part kind of tricky. I decided to get hinge that closed into itself, not just your basic hinge. I also needed to install a magnet to help hold it closed. There was another hinge option that would have helped the oven open fully but I wasn't sure my 1 year old would be strong enough to open that one. I had to add a piece of wood to help the hinge lay flat. I also didn't use the screws that came with the hinge. I used smaller ones for the door. And larger ones to secure it to the base of the night stand.

You can see here my hinge and magnet placement. Add you drawer pull to your oven door. I had to drill holes in first before I was able to get my screws in the wood.

Using my Silhouette I made a stencil for painting on burners. It was quick and easy. I wanted to leave some of the top for a prep area. Ikea has some really cute felt food and dishes. I think she will like having some room to "slice" fruits and veggies.

Lastly I added some adorable knobs from Hobby Lobby. The pink knobs are too cute. And I am thinking I want to make some pink/yellow dish towels for her new kitchen. I might even add some hooks on the side. I just LOVE how it turned out....

The drawer is perfect for storing pots and pans. I pulled out these dishes I had bought for my boys long ago. Even Draco and Yoda loved pretending to cook dinner. I love seeing my kids play together and use their imaginations. Wish I would have made one of these for my sons years ago.

You can paint this project any color and have it fit your budget. I love how sturdy and darling it looks. Now I am on the hunt for another piece I can make into a sink. 

Total Price:

Night Stand $3.99
Paint $8.99
Knobs (4) $3.99 each
Drawer pull $4
Hinge: $2.20
Double Magnetic catch: $2.50
Oven door: Free. Thanks to our Monday treasure hunts

Total about $32 with coupons 

Best part is seeing our baby girl cook, stir, and having fun while working on standing. And now we can work on getting her to walk from her new table to her new stove.

Other fun project where I have used free wood I have found on the side of the road.

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