Tuesday, April 28, 2015

May the 4th Be With You...

Our family loves Star Wars. So a couple of years ago when we heard about "May the 4th" be with you we were pretty excited to celebrate. So much for fun for the whole family. I wanted to share some fun ways to celebrate this fun day.

Baby Girl wasn't even scared of  Darth Maul. Picture by Shari Hanson

Star Wars Pancakes:

Star Wars Pancake Molds, Set of 3 Vehicles: X-Wing Fighter, Vader's Tie Fight...

I heard about these bad boys and had to get them. Our kids love having Star Wars pancakes. And if I am in a real hurry, I just punch out my already made pancake with the molds. I have a different set but I am thinking we might need to get these ones as well.

Star Wars Sandwiches:

Star Wars Limited Edition Tin Lunch Box with Bonus Sandwich Cutters

My friend gave us this for a present. And we use quite a bit. But it's a must to make sandwiches into Tie Fighters on May the 4th. My kids are pretty good at eating the crust first. Jedi's don't waste food in our house.

Star Wars Cookies:

Last year we got together with friends and had dinner. Afterwards we make cookies and decorated them together. I really wish we could get together again this year. I have seen some really cute cookie tutorial videos that I should really try some day. We usually make Star Wars cookies at Christmas too. I love using green sprinkles to decorate Yoda. I am so thankful for my client/friend who got me these for a Christmas present. We use them again and again...

Star Wars Cookbook:

This book is a must for any Star Wars lover. The pictures alone are amazing (click the link and you can see some of them) !!! My kids read this thing for hours. All the recipes are really kid friendly. One of my boys favorite times is when Grady got together with another Dad and his son and they made Star Wars food. Wookie Cookies, Hoth Chocolate, & Han-burgers. Really fun recipes. Perfect for parties or really any occasion.

Star Wars Jell-O Molds:

I just found this at Walmart a couple weeks ago when I was working on Gandalf's Percy Jackson Party. I picked them up. I am hoping my kids have forgotten about it and I can surprise them on the 4th. I will have to make some sugar free ones for Draco. I love when we can have zero carbs treats for him too! You can try Walmart or it's also available on Amazon.

Star Wars ABC Book:

Product DetailsProduct Details

Baby Girl loves Star Wars ABC! When she see Darth Vader she tries to breathe like him. And J for Jedi shows a picture of Mace Windu with his hand up. She always high fives him. This is a great book for teaching Star Wars basics to kids. And I just found the number and color books as well!!! My husband loves reading this book to the kids.

Years ago I made Yoda this Chewbacca Softie. He loved it and slept with it every night. Just recently he stopped having it on his bed. The link above gives a free pattern for your own little Jedi to love. 

And of course this is a perfect day to watch your favorite Star Wars movie. I love watching my kids run around in their Jedi robes and play light sabers. Even baby girl gets in on it. Star Wars is a great movie that encourages family, friendship, and using the Force, or the power of the Light side, to help others. Any way you celebrate May the 4th with your family it will be a fun new tradition.

May the Fourth Be With You....

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