Thursday, April 9, 2015

Favorite Family Games

I LOVE playing boards games. Especially with my family. It’s a perfect way to have fun and encourage communication and silly inside jokes. Now that my youngest boy is 4 we can play some fun games that are a little more my style. Not that I don’t love Candy land or Chutes and Ladders, but it’s nice to switch it up. Here are some of our favorites…

I love this game. And because it doesn’t really require too much reading even my youngest boy can play this one. I love how it teaches math and makes you think. Do I want to use this roll as my “4’s” or do I want to use for my three of a kind? The boys get a kick out of rolling the dice. And when someone gets a Yahtzee we all bang on the table, like we do at the Bunco group I use to be in. This game has math and it’s really fun. Baby girl like to watch and tries to grab the dice. My boys (ages 6 and 9) are pretty great at using the score sheet. And I just let my 4 year old do his own thing. The game really isn’t about winning, but spending time together.

Again another great math games. Counting is involved and so is recognizing patterns. I love that each number has it’s own color pattern as well. This game doesn’t requires reading which is great because Yoda is still only  just reading basic phonetic sounds.  This game also requires you to strategize your hand by choosing what domino to play. My kids and I love this game. It’s always easier to talk to each other when you are playing fun games.  

This is one that I want to get. No reading, but lots of fun. And even though the suggested age is 6 I am sure my 4 year old would want to play, even if it does fall every so often. This game encourages team work, patience, and fine motor skills.

Another great card game that doesn’t require too much reading. Easy rules to follow but a little more fun than ‘Go Fish’. I remember playing this when Gandalf was a baby and loved naming colors. It was not to my advantage to have him sit on my lap.

Old Maid Illustrated Card Game by Imagination Generation
Old Maid
Another great card game. My favorite part is watching their faces. I love when they realized they grabbed the old maid from my hand. This game teaches self control. You would never know when I pulled the old maid, which make it easier to pass it on to one of my other kids. I also love this tool to help younger kids hold their cards.

Tenzi Dice Game
We saw this game at our friend’s house. I think the objective is to try and roll all your dice the same number as fast as you can. Everyone rolls at once. They even sell party packs. This game would be fun and perfect for all my boys with varying age.

Who Said… Follow The Prophet
This is a great game for Mormon families. It’s pretty much a memory game that helps you match pictures of prophets (modern and from the scriptures) with quotes or scriptures. I love when we are reading at night and the kids recognize a scripture from the game. We also have the Book of Mormon version as well. It makes for a great Sunday game.
Memory games are fun and really help your brain. They also help your kids pay attention. If you don’t you will miss a chance to match up a pair. We also got a Frozen memory game from the Target $1 spot section. If you have smaller kids just reduce the number of matches to make it easier. Slowly you can increase as they get older to create a greater challenge.

I am kind of traditional when it comes to board games. I can’t wait to play Scattergories, Clue, Life, Scrabble, and other fun games with my kids. I haven’t really gotten into Settlers of Catan or the Cones of Dunshire. I love how playing fun games brings our family closer together. I love watching my boys crack up and make up silly inside jokes that will continue for weeks. I believe families should have wholesome recreation activities. I hope your family is inspired to get together and have some fun together without any screens. (Not that we don’t love playing video games together as well)

What is your favorite game to play with your family? I would love for you to share! We love new games….

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