Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Deliver Us

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This is my little Yoda. I love this boy. He has the biggest heart. He adores his baby sister and wants to do everything like his big brothers. He is so excited to finally be in choir with his brothers and dad. He loves singing and he loves Professor Stewart. I love hearing him sing in his room when he is playing. I love that he is learning about good music and developing a joy for singing. I love that he is around teachers who are passionate about music. And about teaching good music to children.
If you are in Southern California, Utah, Dallas Texas or Mesa, Arizona you need to attend a concert. The concert in Arizona is on the 24th and 25th of April. And it will be Yoda's first concert.A couple of weeks ago was attire check. I had a couple minutes to snap pictures at school before we went to practice. Yoda looks so grown up. He loved wearing his choir clothes. He told me he sang very well at practice that day.
My husband is also in the choir. The music sounds amazing. I love hearing him practice! This concert will have music featuring the composer Felix Mendelssohn. This concert is built around the idea that following prophets helps us draw closer to God.  And God helps to deliver us from both physical and spiritual bondage. Music for this concert will focus on  Noah, Moses, Ezekiel and finish with Elijah. "It will be visually stunning and musically powerful." according to my handsome husband.

If my husband's description of our concert doesn't make you wanna buy tickets check out these words from Professor Stewart below. I am even more excited for this upcoming concert. I think I want to read and study Elijah before hand.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Tickets NOW:
For months you have been hearing (or reading) us go on about the power and life-changing impact of the upcoming concert, "Deliver Us!"  So what's so great about it?
1. For starters, the hair-raising music from the film The Prince of Egypt, including "Deliver Us" and "When you Believe."  It will lift you out of your seat. 
2. Do you remember what MCO has done to well-known hymns and anthems like "How Great Thou Art?"  Well, prepare to be marveled by a brand new monumental arrangement of "Come, Come Ye Saints" for combined choirs and symphony orchestra. 
3. And how could those kids get any cuter after the tear-jerking "Snowflake" song at Christmas time?  Well, just wait until you see them perform "Ezekiel's Dry Bones!" and "Sing a Rainbow," and "Build an Ark!" 
4. Oh, and if you haven't guessed already, there is a big story about Elijah in there somewhere too. And fire descending from the ceiling.  And costumes.  And music and acting that will leave you speechless.  This is one of the greatest stories and pieces of music in the history of the world. 
5. Youth Group Ticket Rates?  YES!  We are offering youth group rates (majorly discounted at only $12/person) for organized youth groups to attend at our 5:00 p.m. concert.  Read the advertisement and spread the word!  It's super easy - the leader of the youth group needs to contact Kerinda Van Wagoner at to gain approval and receive the youth group code. 
Folks - this will be one of the "EPIC" events in MCO's history.  You, your friends, your neighbors, and your entire extended and extra-extended families will sorely regret missing it.  SO DON'T!!!
I am so excited that all three of my boys will be in this concert. I can't wait!!!

Here are my two youngest boys. (Yes we have already fixed Draco's belt by adding another hole.) My oldest may not have wanted to get in these pictures. I am so thankful for this amazing music program that has blessed my family so much. Check out their concerts. I promise you will love it!
April 24th and 25th
April 29th
March 27th
April 28th
Also CD's are available for purchase.
That Easter Morn
This is an amazing CD that is perfect for this time of year.
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