Monday, April 13, 2015

Celebrating Gandalf

Last week we celebrated our oldest son. He turned 10! Double digits are kinda a big deal. I can't believe he is that old. Being his mother is an absolute joy! I remember his birth. I remember not wanting to sleep because I just wanted to look at him. I remember leaving the hospital only to discover my husband didn't put the car seat in the middle seat, the very safest spot in our car, but on a side. I told him he had to change it right now. The poor nurse who escorted us out was probably thinking I'm crazy and just wanted to go back inside. I remember holding him for at least 3 weeks straight. Hubby would come home and ask if I ever put him down. Of course not, I would reply. He would just smile.

I love my son. I love his amazing brain. I love the things he remembers and his passion for sharing knowledge with others. I love his pure heart. His love for nature. He is always praying for the polar bears. Apparently they are in trouble. I love that he will pretty much read any book I leave out. I love talking about books with him. 

This has been a pretty big year of change for him. I remember how stressed he was about baby sister being in the NICU. He wanted to know all about her blood count and what was happening with her blood cells. He was asking me questions that I couldn't answer. And moving to another state is a big change. He was excited for our move. And when people would ask why we were moving he would simply tell them, "The Lord told my parents we should move." Life can be hard right now. Growing up is hard. And I am guessing it's even harder when you have aspergers. 

We had a wonderful birthday. It started with his cousins surprising him and his brothers with a visit. That morning we had birthday donuts and sang to him. We always have candles in our birthday breakfast. Then he and Draco got to skip school and we went and explored Sedona with our cousins. (more pictures later from our trip) It was a wonderful day. Gandalf loved being out in nature, observing animals, bugs, and nature.

We had a picnic for lunch and Sonic on the road for dinner. I made him my favorite cake, Butter Cake with Sea Salt Caramel Frosting per his request. The best part is we had more friends join us for cake. One of our favorite families was on spring break and came to Arizona. After presents and cake the kids ran around together till late that night. Gandalf ended up reading his new book from his aunt while everyone else watched a movie.

I love wonderful family days. It was such a great day seeing family and friends.

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