Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cutest Little Demi god Ever....

Isn't she the cutest little demi god ever???

Our family is loving the Percy Jackson series we started reading to get ready for our oldest boy's birthday party. We are almost done listening to the 4th book. If you haven't read the series you really should. It's funny and action packed. Another thing I love about it is their strong girl character Annabeth. 

Annabeth is the daughter of Athena so she's pretty smart. She is up for adventure, tough, and is a great loyal friend. I know baby girl is going to really like her when we read this series again when she is older. Who doesn't love it when the girl saves the day? (Though I have heard she is a little more damsel is distress in the movie)

I made each of my boys a "Camp Half Blood" shirt along with this cutie girl. You can find the image here. I just love having a Silhouette!!! Baby half blood shirts are hard to come by. Annabeth has blonde hair and wears it in a side braid. We did the best we can with that. She also has a New York Yankees cap, a gift from her mother. You can order one from the link  up above or you can make one. Perfect when you are making it the night before and don't have time for amazon's amazing 2 day shipping.

I found a blue hat at Walmart. It had a small orange horse on it. I have no idea what that stands for. Using my Silhouette I made the New York image and cut it on white fabric with interfacing ironed on to it. Use your Fray Check on the edges and glue that bad boy on. I made sure it was thick enough to cover the small horse.

She LOVES her hat. She wants to wear it all the time. Which I really don't mind considering how cute she looks. Also, she loves matching her brothers with this shirt. She didn't want to take her shirt off even when it was covered in yogurt. I had to distract her and then hide it real quick.

I love reading with this girl. I can't wait to read chapter books with her.

Happy Reading!!!

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  1. We did a Camp Half Blood party for Heather's 10th birthday. The kids did some of the training games and we ended with Capture the Flag. We made all the kids t-shirts too. So fun!