Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Percy Jackson Birthday Party

This is a story of a boy who turned 10. Turns out he is a demi-god. So we threw a party.

Gandalf loves to read. Like most boys his age he loves the Percy Jackson series. We thought that would be a great theme for his next party. So I ended up listening to the audio books on one of our drive to California one time. I absolutely love them!!!( I've only read the first 3, so please no spoilers!) 
Having my son Draco crack up was an added bonus. So our whole family pretty much loves the books. (The reader did an amazing job with this book. The perfect amount of attitude) 

  Reading the book helped me plan the party. We went with blue foods (it's a thing Percy and his mom do to bond) and a nautical theme. I won't tell you why, you'll just have to read the book to find out. I love having a Silhouette Cameo to make fun banners for our parties. With just a little paper, and streamers and table clothes from the dollar store we can make our place look fun. We used our Nautical decor from Draco's room when he was a baby.

I was really happy with how the cake turned out. I will be posting a tutorial this week with the details. I am getting better at working with fondant. Gandalf loved the cake too. I bet you'll never guess what color it is on the inside..

My inspiration was the ocean. I love how it looks.

We had just a few snacks. Blue corn chips, sixlets, and cookies. All that sword fighting makes growing demi-gods hungry. 

Most of the boys had read the book or seen the movies. (We still need to watch those!)

The boys love the Ambrosia and Nectar (cookies and soda), or food of the gods. It was fun to see they were going with the theme.

The Half Bloods were welcomed to camp and given a shield to decorate. We kept it simple and used cardboard (Thanks again amazon! We love reusing those boxes.), fabric strips, and duct tape. I really enjoyed watching the boys put time into their designs. My hubby had put on music for the sound track. He also made swords from PVC pie, pipe insulation, and duct tape. Gandalf got the sword Riptide of course. They had fun practice fighting. My hubby and I even got in on the action and I think the boys liked fighting adults. 

I also had balloons for the boys to hit and keep their balloon up the longest, but Zeus must not have been very happy. It was a pretty windy day. Another great element in the book is that they play capture the flag. It was the perfect party game. We went to a park near by and the boys hide their flag on the opposite side of the park. If you got hit on your opponents side you had to go back to a circle on the basketball court. When one side was hiding the flag with my husband there I was home with the other team. We divided them according to their cabin which they picked out of a bucket. One of the teams had a kid who could scale walls and hid it so high up in a tree. They felt bad and lowered it.

Then we had a monster pinata that I had made. It was super lame looking, but still fun. The boys loved smashing and beating that monster. Instead of becoming gold dust, it just rained yummy candy. Below is my attempt at a Manitcore. One of his eyes fell off on the way to the park and a kid turned him into a cyclops.

Afterwards we came back for cake. Not everyone wanted one because a lot of cookies were eaten earlier.  All in all a pretty fun party. You can't go wrong with swords, capture the flag, soda, and sugar. The best part was watching my son socialize with the other boys. We couldn't pass out invites at school and I was really concerned we wouldn't have enough boys. We moved here from California last summer. Making friends can be really hard. We were always so lucky to have so many friends in California. I am glad he had a good group of really nice boys. 

I wish I had the budget to make everyone a "Camp Half Blood" shirt. I knew the siblings would want one too. After all, our whole family loves these books. Little sister loved being like her big brothers!!! You can find the image for the shirt here. I found it from this lovely blog here

For a tutorial on the cake check out this post.

Thanks for reading!!!

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