Sunday, February 8, 2015

An Evening with Mendelssohn: Our family loved it!!!

Friday night our family had the honor of attending an amazing concert. My husband and 3 sons sing in the spectacular Millennial Choirs & Orchestra. Gandalf started singing at the age of four with this choir. We were living in Orange County at the time. It is mind blowing that he got to perform at the famous Segerstrom Concert for the Arts at age 4! This is the first semester that my youngest, Yoda, gets to sing with his brothers. He has been waiting pretty much his whole life. The children's choir sounds like angels. One of the reasons we didn't mind moving to Arizona was due to the fact that they started a choir out here. We wanted our children to grow up being part of this group. They also have choirs in Texas and Utah.

I could go on forever about how much I love this organization. Tonight I wanted to quickly share our Friday experience. They had a mini concert featuring the work of Felix Mendelssohn. I wasn't too familiar with his work, but excited to go. The tickets were about $15 so as to encourage our community to attend as families. I thought it would be great for my children to see a great concert especially as participants of EVMCO they never get to watch a performance. Gandalf was willing, but Draco said he could only handle 45 minutes.

Our family at the Mesa Arts Center

The following Thursday when we came back from choir practice Draco informed me Professor Stewart said there was going to be an amazing concert and he wanted to go. We decided to only take our two oldest as Yoda probably wasn't ready just yet.

The concert was awesome!!! It featured the EVMCO Orchestra and different chamber ensembles. I thoroughly enjoyed the arrangements. On the way to the concert my hubby set us up with a Mendelssohn playlist and we were surprised how many pieces we knew. Well, I was at least. (My hubby always likes to get pumped for a concert, whether it's Dashboard or Aqua Bats or Mendelssohn). Brandon Stewart played the piano for some of the arrangements. I would go just to watch him. He is so talented and plays with such feeling. It is a real pleasure. Sometimes he evens plays without any music in front of him. I can't even image. (By the way I am feeling great about my goals and working on my piano pieces.)

I was so excited my dear friend Shar came. We are planning on attending the next concert together.

The pieces with the whole symphony were probably my favorite. The last arrangement Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op 64 was really lovely. A young lady by the name of Kasia played the Violin solo. She is only 16. Years ago in Orange County she was introduced at the OCMCO concert. She must have only been like 10 at the time. I was so impressed that this child was playing in an orchestra with adults. My heart was so proud of her then, And to see her become such a beautiful young women and read about her achievements in the program was so uplifting.

My kids did so great during the performance. Sure, they rested their heads on our laps a couple of times. But I am so proud of them. And what a fun memory to get dressed up and attend such an amazing concert as a family. I love that we have opportunities to see culture and beauty. I am so glad my children are exposed to such important and beautiful music that enlarges the soul. So thankful for Professors who encourage goodness and share their passions.

After the concert my boys were thrilled to see both Professor Stewart's and Mrs. Haynie. They are like celebrities with my kids. When Gandalf was in preschool he informed his class Bach use to be his favorite composer, but now it is Professor Brett Stewart. Our evening was even better when we got a Sonic Shake afterwards. Another concert tradition my husband is so good at.

But the effect of good music and that great concert will continue. Today in Sacrament meeting at church Gandalf found several hymns written my Mendelssohn. He was so excited. I am so thankful for good music. I have a testimony that good music brings us closer to God. I am so thankful for wonderful music, beloved hymns, and the Spirit that carries it into our hearts.

I will keep you posted on their next Concert. You won't want to miss it!!!

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