Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Treasure

The first Monday of the month around here is like a treasure hunt. After we drop off the older boys Yoda and baby girl and I drive around and look for treasure. The first Monday is the day to put out large trash items people don't want anymore. I found this small bookcase which helped organize my Harry Potter closet. I also found wood for this fun project. I love taking something and making it look better. Finding beauty in items brings me joy.

This treasure was put out by my dear neighbor who was moving. We both agreed it is a sturdy table, it just needed some love.

It was scratched, dusty, and my nose was saying possibly some cat hair. I loved the detail on the side of the table. And I loved that it was already painted black. Perfect for if I decided to sand some areas down. I went to Lowe's and bought Valspar flat paint in Caribbean Walk and made it into chalk paint using the recipe found here. I have used this recipe with my lovely yellow dresser I acquired from a dear friend. I taped off the opal detail because it was too pretty to cover. After painting I decided to sand and distress it to show off the lovely molding on the side. (Thankful for my dear friend who I can text and get her thoughts!)

Does't it look stunning?!? So much nicer. And what a shame it would have been if it ended up in a landfill.  After distressing it I sealed it with some MinWax Finishing Wax. I loved how it turned out.

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Don't you love the sides? I hope you have been inspired to give something a makeover. Or to see beauty or potential in something that needs some love. Unless you live by me, then go ahead and put it out by the curb ;)

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  1. Wow I'm impressed, nice work! Reminds me of the table my family owned when I was young. But, your version is so much better! You are awesome Kristy