Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Favorite Things

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things today. It's always nice to share things that make us happy. The lesson in my women's church group was about sharing the gospel from this talk. She started by explaining we share things because we love others and we love sharing things we love. She then shared some delicious chocolate treats. I love how she likened sharing the gospel with other things she loves. It was a yummy object lesson.

1. Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

When we first decided to move from beautiful Orange County to Arizona my dear friend Karen told me about these water bottles. We ordered two and I LOVE them!!! I was sold when she told me she went on a hike and accidentally left one in the car. They came back hours later and it was still ice cold.

These water bottles are a life saver in Arizona. They don't have condensation on the sides so they are great for everything. They don't leave water marks. They don't get water on your projects or phone. We ordered the wide mouth lid which is super handy. And they are easy to clean. The only thing to watch out for is if your absentmindedly throw it in your purse. The wide mouth lid isn't double insulated so there is some condensation there. I just make sure it have it upright in my purse and the problem is solved. This will be perfect for when I am pregnant again and wake up at 3:00 am wanting ice cold water. Where ever you are I am sure you will love this water bottle. I'm sure glad Karen told me about them!

2. Spotify Web Player

My hubby shared this treasure with me. On your computer you can create playlists from tons of music. And it's FREE!

I love that I can build playlists of what I want to listen to. And I can make sure every song is appropriate for my kids to hear. It's been fun to see what songs and bands they like. ( The ending song from Big Hero 6 is currently their favorite right now) I probably listen to my Musical Playlist the most these days, though I still need to remove Lovely Ladies. Sometimes we will play a game where we guess what musical it comes from. A little tricky since Julie Andrews sings in a couple of them.

And it gets better. They have an app and you can listen from it for free as well. You choose the playlist and it has to be in shuffle mode. There is a Premium service with a fee that gives you perks where you can listen without shuffle mode. I love this app, but I have to make sure I use it where I have free internet access so I don't overuse my data.

Listening to Spofity makes cleaning my house and sewing more fun! Life is better with music.

3. Younique Mascara

This is my favorite mascara ever!!! Seriously! My cousin sells it and I bought some last fall. It is the best! My eyelashes are dark which is nice but they aren't long.  I dream of longer lashes!!! It makes the biggest difference. I love using this mascara on the days I wear make up. It makes my lashes look thicker and longer. And right now I have a girlfriends who is having a party. All the funds raised are going to help her with her medical expenses. It's only $30. So pretty much your eyelashes will look amazing and you get to help an amazing person. It's a win-win!

4. Brooklyn Nine Nine

It's my favorite new show. Okay, it isn't that new. We started watching it in 2013. My husband heard about it (Gosh I am so thankful for him!). Who doesn't love Andy Sandberg? Of course we had to give his show a try. We instantly loved it. The characters are hilarious and lovable! It's not unusual to laugh our loud while watching this show. It's also available on Hulu. If you haven't already you should check this show out. Especially now that Parks & Rec is over!!! :(

5. Percy Jackson and the Overdrive app

Gandalf read these books years ago. I meant to read them as well, but time gets away. We decided to plan a Percy Jackson birthday party for Gandalf so I knew I need to read these books to prepare. Last weekend we listened to the audio book. The reader did an AMAZING job. These books are so clever and funny. Draco was cracking up in the back seat. (He wanted me to read it to him so the audio book was perfect!) We are planning to watch the movie soon. I am really looking forward to the rest of these books. I know Yoda and baby girl will love them as well when they get older. So if you, like me, haven't gotten around it, do it! You'll be glad you did.

One of my many friends named Julie told me about the Overdrive app. It connects to your local library with your library card number. I love having access to wonderful audio books. Instead of having your kids watch TV have them listen to a great book. I can only read about 1 chapter out loud at a time. I love putting down legoes or getting out coloring books and having my kids listen to books. Or even follow along if you have a copy. There are so many wonderful books that we need to read.

What are your favorite things these days?

Some of these items are affiliated links. You are welcomed to buy from anywhere. But I don't mind if you buy them from here. I only share items I really like or use. Thanks for your support!

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