Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Pictures

I heart my sweet kids

I finally got around to snap some pictures of my kids for Valentine's Day. I made this dress for baby girl a couple of weeks ago. I thought leopard would be perfect for a dress for Valentine's Day. We both wore leopard last Sunday for church. I just love matching with my daughter! Taking advantage that she isn't complaining yet. 

I'll post a tutorial on her dress later. I love that I was able to score this material at Walmart a couple months ago. Sometimes sewing can be more expensive than buying it already made. But when you get a deal on fabric it really helps our budget. I think I paid $3 for this material. And I may need a matching head band too. And maybe some bow ties for the boys.

I just love how you can see her green eyes in the photo above. She has such an adorable smile, but doesn't like to smile when I get my camera out. We just love this little girl so much.

 I love stinker faces!!

Yoda was driving me crazy with closing his eyes. I guess he was being some kind of Pokemon in this picture. 

She just adores her brothers. Draco is especially loving.

 Doesn't she look so big standing by herself? We were taking pictures and I noticed her leaning up against the wall. The boys moved out of the way so I could get a shot. She liked being up on her own. She has stood up before. (First time in November) But it's always for a short time. She is getting stronger and practicing a lot. When she fell down she tried to get back up against the wall. She loves playing "Up.Down." where she puts her hips up or down when we say the word. The bottom right is when she wanted something from Gandalf and kept screaming "Ease!". She wants so much to be like her brothers.

Thanks for letting me share some pictures. I'm trying to practice shooting in manual. It's a process.You can check out other fun traditions in February here.

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