Monday, February 23, 2015

I love to see the Temple...


Last week or so my little girl turned a 1 1/2. We celebrated by taking pictures. I just love this dress my friend Karen got me for baby girl. It's perfect for spring. I tried taking pictures at the park, but it was too bright. We headed over to our Temple across the street instead and I am so glad we did. I love them even more. This building is so dear to us and will be her temple. It will be where we take her baptism photos. Where she can go to do baptisms for our ancestors when she is 12. And where she might even get married.

I love the windows with the agave plant. I love the colored specks in the planters around the temple. I love the flowers. And I love the feeling when I am here.

In our church when children turn 18 months they can start going to nursery for the last two hours. They play, have a simple lesson, read books, sing songs, and color pictures. She has been visiting and is loving it. Her leader Donna is sweet as can be. She adores my girl. I know she will be taken care of when I go to class. 

I got her a bracelet for this little milestone. Even though it is a small one. I want to remember how small her wrist was when she was only 18 months. It's already so much bigger than her blessing bracelet. The little charm says "I am a child of God". I hope and pray that she can have a testimony of this for herself. That she is Heavenly Father's child. And He loves her dearly. And He is always there for her. I am so thankful for nursery and the leaders that teach good things to these sweet little ones.

This picture is my favorite!!! I love her smile! And I love how you can see all the teeth she is getting. I love her blonde hair and green eyes. And I love how she looks in white, especially at the temple. This little ray of sunshine is such a light in our family. She has such a sweet, loving heart. She adores her brothers. And they simple dote on her. I think each of them has only gotten frustrated with her once in their lives. They are so patient and loving. I love the love they have for her.

And I love her love for shoes, jewelry, dogs, and now bows. This beautiful one is made by my dear friend Alex. I love how feminine she is. And I love that she also loves Star Wars, Pokemon, and Superheros like her brothers. She is working so hard on standing and getting stronger everyday.

She loves her doggie stuffed animal my mom got for the boys years ago. She is always giving him hugs and kisses. It was hard to get him out of her hands to take these pictures. 

This little girl has my heart! Thanks for letting me share her pictures. Time is going so fast. Trying to remember and cherish every moment.

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