Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Goals and My Word...

I love New Years! (I really love so many things!)

I love fresh starts. I love setting goals. And I love the urge I get to clean and organize. That feeling isn't always around. My sweet hubby got sick last week and I feel like we are so behind. It's already almost a week in January.

I wanted to share and write down some goals for this coming year. Sometimes I make goals for each area of my life. This year I am keeping it simple.

1. Stretch everyday.

I know I am not going to exercise everyday. Or even 3 times a week. But I can stretch every night. I am naturally flexible (my only athletic skill) but I am not as limber as I use to be. I know stretching every day will improve my health and make it more likely that I will do yoga or play Just Dance. 

2. Read 30 books.

I think I only read 16 books last year. My friend Michelle started recording the books she read each year years ago. I love that idea. I try and have a note on my iPhone. I am not very good at updating it, but I love this idea. Now I did move this past year, and I had a lot going on with baby girl, but I think I need to read more this year. Especially since lots of those were easy reads like Georgette Heyer (Who is lovely and wonderful, but purely fluff).

3. Drink 3 quarts of water everyday

I pretty much only drink water. But I read this article about a girl who drank 3 quarts a day and took pictures. It was pretty neat. Loads of benefits. A little tricky keeping track,but I found a container to fill each morning. So I will drink to healthier skin, less wrinkles, and a healthier digestive track. 

4. Improve and play 12 songs on the piano.

I knew writing "be better at the piano" wouldn't be good enough. So I am challenging myself to learn 12 songs and play them well without practicing right before. Family Night will be a perfect time to show my family my progress. I even made a list of songs I want to improve. Before you get really impressed I am just tackling the simplest versions of hymns possible. I know my family would love to sing along to a tune with the right notes and both hands being played.

Don't you love the makeover I gave this garage sale frame?

Other things I would like to work on...

...improving my photography. I love pictures too much to not know how to shoot in manual. (Plus my favorite photographer is in California)

...mastering French macaroons. Okay, maybe not mastering. But making a batch where most of them are pretty enough to photograph.

...building a shelf or bench of something out of wood. I know I need tools for this. But it's on my list.

...catching up on my scrapbooking. I know I say that every year, but it has to happen some time...

And I wanted to share my word for the year.

Years ago I read in January about people who chose a word for the year. I loved the idea, but it was super hard for me after I started reading about the words they chose. So when I remembered this year in December I was excited to have a chance to brainstorm what my word would be.

I love the word Holiness. And I love the song More Holiness Give Me. 
This year I want to spend more time in the temple. I want to read the scriptures more eagerly. I want to have more sincere prayers. I want to remove negativity and unkind words people have said to me from my mind. I want holier thoughts. I want more teaching moments with my children. I want to bare my testimony more.
I want to be a better disciple of my Savior Jesus Christ.

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