Monday, March 2, 2015

Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?

Our family loves to celebrate Read Across America Day. Or Dr. Seuss' Birthday!!! I love Dr. Seuss and I am so thankful for what he has done for children everywhere. His books are wonderful. They are full of imaginative ideas and wonderful morals. There are some that are just plain silly, but are so fun to read. And there are others that teach wonderful lessons like you can change the world. Or a person's a person no matter how small. Or the importance of keeping your word or not judging others because they are different. And I love the message that Christmas is more presents. These messages warm my heart and sometimes make me emotional as I read. And I love them dearly.

  We have been having eating Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast on Dr. Seuss' Birthday since Gandalf was little. Another great message that you should give all foods a try. Some years my children wouldn't even try them. Last year we had them for dinner because it fell on Fast Sunday. The sister missionaries needed a meal that night so we invited them over. And they probably didn't think they would be served weird foods in Southern California.

Green Eggs and Ham

Ham (sliced ham or deli meat)
Green food coloring

After years on experimenting on how to make the ham green I realized I just needed to cook it in some green water in a pan. Not too much because you want it to have that cooked in a pan taste. But enough so it can coat and absorb in the meat. After adding food coloring to your eggs I also like to add a little water to make them fluffier before I scramble them. (Thanks for the tip Mrs. Whitman, my Singles Living Teacher)

Serve warm and see if your family will give them a try. They taste the same. It's a great lesson and a fun family tradition.

A couple of years ago I have kids choose their favorite Dr. Seuss book and we snap a picture. It's fun to see how their choices change over the years. (Baby girls choice is by P.D. Eastman, but she loves dogs and wanted that one.)

The Dating Divas came up with this amazing list of great art projects, food, and activities all about Dr. Seuss and his books. This morning Yoda and Baby girl had friends over and we did an One Fish Two Fish craft project. We are going to try and fun art project everyday this week. Check out the post for lots more ideas. Tomorrow we will do a Lorax project. That is my favorite book! (And I loved it before the movie came out) 

101 Dr. Seuss Ideas

I am off to fold laundry and watch Horton Hears a Who with my partner in crime. Hope you have a Seussical week!!!

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