Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Pictures

I love family pictures. We were able to get to church early on Sunday to snap some family pictures. Next week is General Conference, or pajama church, so we wore our Easter clothes this week. And I was thrilled to find two more Easter baskets to kinda match the Pottery Barn ones we were able to buy when we had one kid. ;)

Boy's Shirts and Pants: French Toast (Their choir clothes)
Baby Girl's Dress: Old Navy. Shoes: Tater Tot Moccs. (Local business)  Bow Handmade

My Top: Boutique Garage sale ($5! Score!). Undershirt: Skirt: Handmade Pattern found here.
Hubby's Pants: Walmart (From his Hans Costume) Bow Tie: Handmade

I love how much baby girl adores her daddy. I love getting pictures of them together. 

I love my crazy, hilarious boys! They are such loves! But before you think everything is always rosey  all the time I'll share what  crazy things my boys said Sunday morning. 

 Yoda complained about church being "too long". And Draco didn't want to get dressed and got mad at me. He said, "Remember when I told you I loved you this morning. I was doing "air quotes" He seriously cracks me up. (Our family loves to do claw hands for our air quotes like in the Lego Movie) I know he doesn't mean it. Usually it means he has a high blood sugar or he's just in a grumpy mood. They make me laugh and I love being their mom. Draco really had a fit about his pink bow tie. In the end he wore it. For baby girl. He has such a big heart and he would do anything for his sister. It one of the many things I love about him. 

I love my boys!!!

I LOVE that my iPhone has a timer. We can finally get a family shot with everyone. We try hard to be in pictures with our kids. They love it! And it is more fun...

And I always make Grady take one of baby girl and I. I wanted 12 years for a daughter. I want to have pictures of us all through her life!!!

Thanks for reading! Pictures make me happy and I love sharing them! Hope you have a great Easter or Passover!

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