Thursday, March 19, 2015

California Trip

We had a great spring break. We were able to sneak away to California for a couple of days. The week was so crazy before that I really didn't plan our trip as much as I would have liked. As always I never take as many pictures as I would have liked. Besides the pictures I shared on Instagram here are some of my favorites!!! 

One place we had to visit was the tide pools in Corona Del Mar. My boys love exploring there. I was bummed I forgot our magnifying glasses. Gandalf was able to find all the creatures while we were there. He was in his element. Observing and studying nature is a favorite of his. Poor Draco. He was so impatient and just wanted to play in the waves.

And what was even better was we were joined by friends. (at least the ones who weren't in school) The weather was overcast which in my opinion is the best weather for tide pools.

On the way back we stopped by the Newport Beach Temple. I don't know if Baby girl has ever been to this one before. (Although she has seen LA, Mesa, And Gilbert). My favorite memory was when she patted a spot next to her and Yoda came over and sat next to her. He put his arm around her and started singing "I Love to See the Temple". It was so sweet.

We had to have a beach day while in Orange County. We went on a warm day with cousins to splash in the waves and put our feet in the sand. Baby  girl would have none of that. She really dislikes sand (I was the same way as a baby) and insisted on being held or sitting in her aunt's chair once sand was on the blanket. We need to get Baby girl her own chair this summer.

These boys loved jumping in the waves. And for some reason there was ladybugs all over the wet sand. Gandalf had fun holding them. Rolling in sand and jumping in the waves really is the best when you are a kid! We sure miss Huntington Beach.

This boy is the opposite of his sister. He couldn't get enough of the sand. He was even making sand angels. But not too crazy about the ocean.

This is probably my favorite picture of our trip. It was great seeing the girls play with each other. I'm glad these girls can grow up and be best cousins.

We always love being "home". Especially when we can visit with our friends and family. That is the best part. And we had to get some sushi. I haven't found a good sushi place here.

Thanks for letting me share!!! I feel like I am working on several different projects. Hoping to finish them soon.

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  1. That photo of the girls is so cute!!!!!! It's my favorite ever i think.