Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Favorite Monday

My favorite Monday of the month is the first Monday.

I drop off my two oldest boys at school. Then Yoda, baby girl, and I drive around looking for treasures. It's kinda like Christmas. The first Monday of the month you can put out items to be picked up by our city. And people throw away perfectly wonderful things.

I love it!!!

We drive around looking for something we might need. I try to be follow the Spirit. When I find something I'll get out and Yoda will yell and ask me what we found. I lower the back seats (another reason I am glad the boys are gone) and we load up with our treasures. I love teaching my kids that we can re-make or fix something up. It drives my husband crazy but he was happy about this find.

Last month I found this great bookcase. It needed some minor repairs and a new paint job, but look how pretty she is now!!! I decided to paint her white. A little simple, but that's okay. And I knew just where I wanted to put her.

This is our Harry Potter closet. We told Yoda it was his room when we first moved to our new home. It's a pretty good sized closet. He was kinda bummed when he found out we were joking. Our layout is naturally different from our old house and we didn't really have a place to put our DVDs because we were using furniture differently as well. I have kept them in boxes in our HP closet along with tons of other things. It's kinda our downstairs catch all. I took everything out and reorganized. I asked myself if each object really needed to be in there. Some items were better placed in our garage or my upstairs closet. 

Our new bookcase was perfect for our DVDs. When things have a home it's so much easier to put them away. I also used baskets to organize and I have a large bag on a hanger holding smaller bags. It looks so much better. You can actually walk inside it now. 

I am so thankful for my new bookcase. It's real wood and real lovely. January is the perfect time to clean our closets. I really need to tack the upstairs linen one soon. 

Can't wait to see what I can find on the next garage day Monday!!!

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