Friday, October 31, 2014

Past Family Halloween Costumes

As I have said before, I love Halloween! And I love that my husband has kept his promise that we would do matching costumes every year. I made a little collage of our past Halloweens. Some of these family themes we will repeat I am sure.

2002- Our very first Halloween we didn't dress up. It was the first time I have ever NOT dressed up in my life. I was in beauty school and the hubs was working and going to school. Little money and hardly any time equals sadness for our 1st Halloween.

2003 Star Wars: The Mr. was Hans and I was Princess Leia.

2004 Scooby Doo: He let me bleach his hair. He made a handsome Fred. I was Daphine. I made our costumes by sewing a little and getting the rest of items of clothing. Adults had no idea who we were. No one at my Salon recognized me. Then someone from Cinderella Cakes stopped by. She ran back to her store and brought back a figurine of me. Then everyone saw it.

2005 Popeye: We had Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Sweetpea. One bummer was Popeye had to work and miss Trunk or Treat, and not a lot of people knew we dressed up. (lesson learned)

2006 Gilligan's Island: We had the Skipper, MaryAnn, and Gilligan. It was perfect because my hubby calls our son "Little Buddy". Everyone told me I was the most modest MaryAnn ever. (Bonus Points!)

2007 Peter Pan: I was Wendy. I had a costume from when my little sister and I were Wendy and Tinkerbell. The Hubby was Captain Hook. I made an amazing coat only to have him get sick that year and he wasn't able to wear it. Little Gandalf was Peter Pan. We bought his costume and my kids still wear it. We even had our favorite neighbor (and my future daughter in law) match us by being Tinkerbell.

2008 The Wizard of Oz: We had Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and our Cowardly Lion. His costume was my favorite! I made all of them except for the Scarecrow I borrowed from my friend Wayne. Happy Hallo-Wayne! He has great costumes!

2009 Harry Potter. Our neighbor hood friend with red hair was going to be Ron. I told my English girlfriend her kids would be a perfect Harry and Hermione. My Hubby insisted we join as well. We bleached Gandalf's hair. He didn't want to be a bad guy so I told him Draco makes better choices later. I was Professor Trelawny. The hubby was Sirius Black. (not pictured) Also I had 3 of my Young Women dress up as Luna, Fleur, and Moaning Myrtle.

2010 Peanuts: Probably the easiest costumes to make. Which was great because we had a new baby that month. He was Snoopy and the older two were Charlie Brown and Linus. I was going to be Lucy and my hubby that piano guy, but for the 2nd time in my life I didn't dress up.

2011 Batman: Not just any Batman, the Adam West version. My favorite! Draco looked so adorable in those speedo's I made. I loved seeing him strut around. I was BatGirl and the hubby Commissioner Gordon. Baby Yoda was the cutest Penguin. And my older boys were the best dynamic duo. The pictures are really amazing because Shari Hanson took them. I'm glad she was able to capture one of my favorite themes. PS I loved grocery shopping that day in my awesome heel boots and costume.

2012 Pokémon: I wasn't thrilled about this one but my boys LOVED it. We had Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pokémon Pikachu and Bulbasour. It was a fun year! I made all of them except for Ash, which we borrowed. (Don't you love Brock's face?)

2013 Peter Pan: I know we did this one already, but we switched the costumes up. My older Brother suggested he be Captian Hook because of his amazing mustache. The boys loved having their uncle come and trick or treat with us. The Hubby was Smee instead. It was fun having more characters this time.

2014 Frozen

It's so much fun looking through old Halloween pictures and remembering the fun. I have learned to get pictures earlier in the month so we can enjoy our Halloween and still get the shots I want.

Here are some great blogs that have some great tips on photographing your kids. I need to work on my skills...

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Happy Halloween!!!

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