Monday, May 4, 2015

Princess Leia Costume Tutorial

A Princess Leia costume has been on my mind since we found out we were having a daughter. As a family that loves Star Wars it was a must. And Princess Leia has always been my favorite. But this cute girl might just grow up and prefer Padme. 

Baby girl's big brothers were so excited to see her dressed as Princess Leia. Thanks to our ABC Star Wars book I am pretty sure she knew who she was.

Princess Leia Tutorial


White jersey material
Grey paint
Brown felt
Brown elastic
Fabric Tac

 Start with your jersey knit. Using an existing dress as a guide cut out the tank dress shape and cut two pieces, front and back. You want it to be bigger and be able to drape. Sew right sides together (with the correct sides of your material together)  at top and on the sides as in the first picture above.

Measure the arm holes. Fold your material so that one side is the same measurement as your armpit measurement. Sew your material rights sides together. I then cut this tube in half making two sleeves.

Match your sleeve seam with your seam on the side of your dress. Sew them together, careful to match the right sides together. I like having my sleeve with the right sides out. I then slip it itno my dress which is inside out. Then I sew matching my bottom seams. Repeat this with the other sleeve.

Turning your Dress around I cut a slit from the top of the dress ON THE BACK PIECE ONLY. This gives an opening for putting on your dress.

For your top of your dress measure the width from the back corner piece all the way around to the other back corner so you are measuring the length of the top of your garment.  Use this measurement to cut a long strip of both jersey and interfacing.

Apply your interfacing. Fold this piece together. Take raw edges and pin them to the raw edges on the top of your dress. Sew them together so you can turn up your collar. I made my piece too high and made her look like a priest ;) So be careful not to make it too big. Use two pieces of ribbon and sew them to the back of your garment where the closure piece would be. This way you can adjust your dress in case she grows.

I left the edges raw because knits can handle that. And we are making this dress during the rebellion! Who has time to finish off hems. We have a super stations to destroy.

For the belt cut out a piece of white leather or leather like material. I used my Silhouette to make three circle stencils. Paint the circles grey. Cut strips of jersey material and sew them to the end of your belt, with right sides together.

For her cute buns we using brown felt. Using a leftover circle cut for my son's birthday banner I made a circle to trace two large brown circles. I made mine pretty large because I am pretty sure the real Leia had hair extensions. I then cut strips of brown felt using my rotary blade. I braided those pieces and glued them to my large round circles, arranging them so you couldn't see the ends. Glue in place with fabric tac

Measure your headband for your daughter and clue together. Mark where you want her 'buns' to go making sure them cover her ears. Glue them together. 

There you have it! An adorable little Leia all set for May the 4th, Halloween, or just playing around the house. I love having dress up clothes with strong female characters. Now we just need to work on how she is holding that gun. 

My little Yoda was more than happy to jump in as Luke Skywalker for this shoot. Baby girl was so excited to see he had his light saber. I love this one of them kissing. Her 'buns' look so cute. Maybe this photo took place before he knew she was his sister. ;)

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  1. I couldn't love these two any more, I thought till I saw them kiss in their costumes! You are amazing! It's going to be a Krazy fun filled day and night at the Ker's house. Wish I was there.