Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Child's Prayer

I love praying with my children. I love finding my children praying. And I love hearing the sweet desires of their hearts through prayer.

Last night Draco was saying the prayer before we had our dinner. It was so sweet. He prayed Dad could come home safely. I love that we pray for family members. I often pray that Dad can come home safely. We always want our family safe. And especially when they aren't with us. I am so glad that he picked up on this important lesson: Dad needs our prayers. And I love that his 7 year old heart wants his dad to be safe and is thinking about him when he is not there.

He prayed for baby Ruthie. I met Ruthie's mom on Facebook. Her daughter has Ostepetrosis, a horrible condition we once thought baby girl had. Last month Ruthie received her bone marrow transplant. We prayed for her and her surgery. And we have been continuing to pray for her. But with family prayers (morning and night) and blessings on our meals, I don't always remind my children who needs our prayers. It softens my heart to know Draco is thinking about Baby Ruthie. And still praying for her. My children's prayers are usually fairly short (Yoda was just complaining that mine are always too long) I am so happy Draco is thinking of others.

He prayed for our dear friend's daughter Sofi. She was adopted over a year ago by my dear friend. They thought she had spina bifida, like their son, but her medical conditions were were actually much different. Poor Sofi has been in the hospital and dealing with infections and surgeries.

He prayed for the polar bears. This he learned from our oldest son Gandalf. Apparently Polar Bears are in trouble. Following his brothers example he prayed for the polar bears to be okay.

And he prayed and thanked Heavenly Father that baby girl is learning to walk.

Other things he will pray for is having a yummy dinner, that we can play and have fun, for the apostles who are sick, and that are happy baby sister isn't in the hospital. He will pray we can play the game he wants or have the dessert he wants. He prays that he can be resurrected someday and not have to have insulin anymore. He prays for Kycie, a girl who has type 1 diabetes and is having a hard time with it.

A child's prayer is so sweet and sincere. I love listening to their faith. I love hearing the desires of their heart. And I love the lesson we can learn when we pray for others. I love how our love for others grows when we pray for them. We need to teach our children to pray. Even from a young age. I love that my kids turn to prayer when they loose things. I love that they are learning and practicing who to turn to when things are hard. And when things are good.

I know all our prayers are heard. Heavenly Father cares about the small things. He knows how important Pokemon, Star Wars, and polar bears are to my children. And He listens. And my children's hearts are more fully turned to Him when they pour out their hearts. I know he hears my prayers. And no request or feeling is too small or too unimportant. I know my heart is more turned to him when I pray. I am so thankful for prayer. And the answers that come. I am thankful for the prayers of my children, said and unsaid. I am thankful they are learning to think of others and show their faith.

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