Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grandma Happy Cake

Tonight we celebrated my Grandma "Happy's" birthday. It all started when my mom threw a bridal shower from me. Everyone invited brought a recipe to give me. My Grandma gave me a recipe called "Better than SEX cake". I guess that is a thing. Or a typical dessert name which I didn't know being a 19 year old bride. It was just awkward. I was like, "Um... thanks Grandma." And she was like, "And it really is." which didn't help the awkward factor.

I didn't really make it. But one year after driving back from visiting her I was thinking about it. And I thought it would be great to make it for her birthday. Clearly she really liked it. But as it turned out she died the next week. I felt bad I never made my Grandma her favorite dessert for her. I decided I would make it on her birthday to honor her. I invited my little sister over and we had it together. That was the beginning of our family tradition to make our Grandparent's favorite dessert on their birthdays. This tradition has helped us grow closer together and to them.

Years later my son Draco would talk about her and how he loved her, which surprised me. Because he wasn't crazy about her when she was around. We didn't see her often enough and he did not like strangers or the elderly. Then I realized he really loved her dessert. This tradition has helped him feel closer to her. Personally it's not my favorite, but I love chocolate. My friend Linda once asked, "How can it be a 'better than sex cake if there isn't chocolate?'

To keep us from wasting a whole cake I now make the cake into two loaf pans. It makes the cake look adorable for one. And we use the other one with fresh strawberries and whip cream.

Better than Sex Cake or

Grandma Happy Cake

1 pkg. Betty Crocker yellow cake mix
1 lb. can crushed pineapple
1 cup sugar
1 6 oz. instant puddling mix vanilla
1 9 oz. bowl cool whip
1 pkg. shredded coconut

Cake Pan 9x13
Prepare cake to directions on box. Heat pineapple and sugar until dissolved. While cake is still warm poke holes in it with a toothpick, then pour inside. Pudding is then spread over it. And then cool whip. Add coconut on top. Add nuts if desired. 

Draco had a great idea to use our snack pack pudding from the garage for this cake. One less thing for me to make. He gobbled it up. He loves this cake. Yoda (my chocolate boy) didn't like it. Baby girl was a fan. And even asked for "more cake". I went ahead and gave her some more. Because that is what my Grandma would have done. She never got to meet baby girl on the earth. But I think she would have ADORED her. My Grandma absolutely loves blonde hair. And she loved the color pink, dolls, and lots of other girly things. And baby girl is one girly girl.

I am so thankful for family recipes! I am thankful we can take time from our busy lives to stop, eat cake and remember those we love. I would encourage everyone to try and preserve and get copies of family recipes. They are such a blessing in our families. I wish I had more recipes.

I am so thankful for the knowledge that families are forever and that I can see my Grandmother someday!!!


  1. I just love this tradition. When are you going to make Grandma Kerr's and what's her favorite?

    1. Her birthday is the 20th! We will be making Chocolate Chip Ice Cream