Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Fun List!!!

Summer Fun List
Even before our oldest was in school I have loved making a Summer Fun List! We don't always have vacations or do expensive things with our family. But when you make a list full of fun ideas it makes summer that much more fun! I love finding joy in doing little things. And when you look back over your summer your kids are so excited to see all the fun things they did. And just like Phineas and Ferb our goal is to have the best summer ever!!! Plus when my kids can help give ideas everyone wins!

Going to the Beach

cousin movie night
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Art Projects

Movies outside with screen projector
Nerf Gun Battle
Mother/Daughter Pedicures

Photo Shoots
Sidewalk chalk
Bubble Tag

Bike rides

Make crepes
Make ice cream

Hop Scotch

Sidewalk Paint

Pioneer trek
Marshmallow Fight

Science Experiments
sponge tag
do a puzzle
Homemade slime
Paper Airplanes

tide pools
watch musicals
Koi Pond
Shadow puppets
visit at Sunrise Home (retirement home)
Summer Reading (Our Library has a great program)
Fly a Kite
Photography Scavenger Hunt
Watermelon spitting contest

Fire pit Dinners and s’mores
Harry Potter Marathon

Library trips (Reading program)
The Lagoon with cousins
Water Balloon Fight
Build a Super fort
Playdoh creations
Pizza Party
Pokémon Night
Make Root Beer Floats
Sandcastle contest
Lego Day
Giant Board Game
Visit the Temple
Pen pals
Baseball Games
Give service
Rock Band

make a fort
Lemonade stand
Write to missionaries
audio books
visit dad at work and have lunch together
Concert in a park
make strawberry jam
write poems
Family game night
Make popsicles
Dance Party

Make a music video
Play chess
Discovery Park
Hikes (Early before it's crazy hot)
Phoenix Children's Museum (First Friday Free)
Volunteer at Feed My Starving Children
Desert Botanical Gardens (Free 2nd Tuesday of the month)
Mom Date to children's theater
Japanese Friendship Garden
Arizona Museum of Natural History
Arizona Science Museum

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (Free Thursdays)
Splash Pad
Cow Appreciation Day July 14th
Schnefpf Farms
Home Depot and Lowe's Workshops

Papago's Park
Super Farm (Saturdays Free)
Visit Temple Square

Mt. Timpanpgos caves

I found lots of great ideas Here thanks to my friend Jen.
You can also follow me
here for kid activities I have pinned.

Goals for me!

organize pictures
Print up Ginger's pictures for her 1st year
sew as much as I can.
Halloween costumes
work on family history

I love giving the boys down time and working on project myself. Summers are so great. Staying up late listening to books or swimming with friends. You can sleep in or get up early for an adventure. It's a perfect time to read, create, play, and do nothing.

Now that I have decided what to do it's time to start putting things on the calendar...

Happy Summer!!!

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