Monday, May 11, 2015

Play Table Makeover

Our little daughter has poor muscle tone. She is about 20 months and just started taking steps last month!!! I know getting her a new table has helped so much. I have been wanting one and I have seen some darling sets with cute chairs. But I only needed the table. Having her stand at a table this height really helps her strengthen her legs. We put her toys on top and she has to stand while playing. Plus she is so distracted by her tea set or farm animals that she didn't realize she was standing for a long time.

I was able to find this beauty for just $1.99 at this awesome new Thrift Store in the East Valley Neighbor hood called 360 Thrift. One of it's legs were a little use and it was a little worn. But nothing that a coat of chalk paint couldn't fix. 

Doesn't it look great???

And she loves it!!! It's perfect for our tea parties with brother and puppy. I am so thankful for this table. It has helped her so much. I love that we were able to strengthen her legs and only spend about $2. 

This is the best part. When she would try and walk from it. She will only walk short distances right now. But this is helping her so much. We put her dishes up here. And her princess castle we got her from Kid to Kid for only $8. Or our Fisher Price piano we have had since Gandalf.

Having a daughter is so much fun! She is getting so great at unprompted "Thank coo Mama!" And she loves to share her cookies during tea parties. Yesterday morning my hubby found the kids all playing tea party together. 

Isn't she a natural hostess? Sometimes she just drinks right from the sugar dish. Can't really blame her...

If you haven't checked out my other 360 Thrift find you can find it here.

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