Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CLAS Ropes Course

So proud of this boy!
In our first week of Summer Vacation I gathered my four kids and headed to Utah for the week. One of my dearest friends had a special birthday and her oldest daughter (and also dear to me) graduated High School. After her graduation ceremony we headed to the CLAS Ropes Course to have some adventures.
I absolutely LOVED it!!! As an adult leader at our youth girls camp I was able to watch and encourage our girls to try hard things when we had adventure groups come and set up challenges. Leaders were able to participate only if there was time. I was always a little bummed that there was never any time. I love when our young women can participate in fun adventures. Sometimes those things are just reserved for the scouts.
Here I was able to experience some fun adventures with my children. My family was a little late as we stopped off at the new Prove City Center Temple real quick. We missed the game, or challenge, that requires the group to solve a problem through trial and error and talking it through as a team. They did a great job challenging themselves and not fighting over the problem. Then we were able to get going on the physical challenges that were available. Our graduating girl picked what obstacles she wanted to do for that day.

Earlier these girls asked if I was going to do “the ladder” and I was like, “I want to try it, but I don’t know what you are talking about…” The first challenge is a huge ladder. Huge. And each rung of the ladder gets farther and farther apart. It’s best to travel up with two people in case someone needs helps. I watched our graduating girl and our friend’s son go first. Julie told me she made it look easy. But it didn’t look easy because I know how athletic she is. They made it to the top and then got to zip line down.
I went next, and they parried me with her friend Megan. Oh, and did I mention that I was so careful to pack clothing and shoes for my boys, and things for baby girl, than I gave very little thought I what I was wearing. I  wore a shirt and some jeans. And I figured that was fine. But totally spaced on bringing my tennis shoes. I was wearing ballet flats. And my favorite pair that were at least 3 years old. No tread on the soles at all.

Helping pull their friend on  the zip line
I was able to do the first and second wrung well enough. Although next time I would prefer being on the other side as my right leg is more flexible. Megan encouraged me to use the knots in the rope to help me up climb up. That wasn’t happening with my ballet flats. I ended up using her leg to step on so I could make it up. And you remember each wrung gets harder and harder. The next level I caught a break because the wire and rope were wrapped around. I was able to put my foot in between them to lift myself up. But the last one seemed hopeless. I couldn’t used my upper body strengthen to pull myself up. I couldn’t even get my leg that high, let alone if I could pull myself up that way. And I didn’t have enough tread to use the one knot in the rope to hoist myself up.

Cheering section
Megan climbed back down (again) and offered her help. I totally couldn’t do it without her. When we got to the top we helped each other with our metal loop things and walked across a rope to the pole area where we could zip line down. It was my first time zip lining ( I have always wanted to) and I loved it. I made sure to call my kids over from playing so they could see that mom had gotten to the top.
kristie and megan
The ladder looks bigger in person

When I got down I found out Gandalf had even done some zip lining. They can attach kids (or adults who can’t climb up the ladder) and drag them back and let them go. It’s great because they can decide how high they want to go. I was so proud of Gandalf for trying a hard thing!!! At Scout-O-Rama he said he would never do that.

Draco said he wanted to go as well. But got scarred at the last minute. Then Greg, our guide who helped with the ladder part, came over and talked to him. I stepped back and let him do what he does best, putting people at ease and encouraging others to try their best. He let him hang on the line, and while holding on to his legs, walked him back and forth. When Draco was feeling comfortable he let him choose how high he wanted him to go. Draco LOVED it. And you could tell he felt really good about it.

It is good for all of us to encourage ourselves to do hard things. To try new things. And even if we “fail” or don’t make a goal we can be proud and feel good that we tried. And that we pushed ourselves. I can’t wait to go back (with the right shoes) and do it again. They also have a rock wall I want to do and the one where you climb really high and jump out to the huge ring and try and grab it. Our group also did this giant swing thing, but I passed because I am pretty sure I would throw up. I can’t even swing on normal swings without getting nauseas .


The ropes course often has scouts, families, and recovery groups use their faculties. I loved our guide and how encouraging he was, without always giving the answers. He was so patient and great with my kids. This was such a good fun expereience for them. They couldn’t wait to tell dad. And asking for screen time didn’t even cross their minds. I think this would be a great place for a family reunion. I would highly recommend this to my Utah friends or any others that would be in this area. It’s beautiful there. And working hard and encouraging others helps our relationships grow. I know I am so grateful to a cute 17 year old that I already liked, who helped me so I could do my best. It was tough, humbling, and glorious.

Here is my friends son and cousin who climbed that thing in under 5 minutes. He can scale walls that kid. I had to take that much time just to rest between levels.
Check out their website here for more information…

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  1. So proud of all of you! I think that would be so fun.