Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gandalf Earns his Bear Award

I have the privilege of working in the Cub Scout Program. I have been serving in scouts for about 4 years. I have such a testimony of the Scouting Program. I love the values they teach. I love how they encourage them to work hard, serve others, and learn important skills. The Church I go to has adopted this program for their young men, and for that I am so thankful.

Tonight Gandalf earned his Bear Achievement. He had to work hard and complete important tasks that are helping to shape him into a fine young man. I am thankful for great leaders, both in California and Arizona who have helped and mentored him. Right now I serve with the Wolf Pack, the 8 year old boys. Gandalf has men leaders and I think that is pretty great. Sometimes as a leader I am so busy planning activities and such for my den that I need to be a more active cub parent.

Gandlaf at his first pack meeting as a Wolf Scout.

I am thankful for Scouting Program. I believe it is designed by heavenly inspiration. We train up cub scouts. They become awesome Boy Scouts, who later become leaders and mentor future boys. Below are some pictures when Gandalf earned his Wolf Rank. He was so proud. And it was great to have both his Grandmas there to support him.

Pretty soon this sweet boy is going to become a Boy Scout. And I won't be as involved in scouting then. He will work with great men who will encourage him and help strengthen his testimony of our Heavenly Father. I know having a fun great experience in cub scouts will help him to love scouting and hopefully stick with it through High School. He wants to earn his Eagle Scout, like his dad. I know the scouting program will help him become a great man.
I would encourage you to find a troop for your son and to get involved. It is a wonderful program! You will love it. Some moms aren't crazy about it, but when I go to training meetings or see the boys grow and learn, my hear swells. I know this is a good thing. And we should seek after good things. Especially for our sons. I am thankful for my testimony of scouting. And when Gandalf moves on to Boy Scouts, Draco will be ready to start. And the same pattern follows with Yoda. 

So it's probably good that I love scouts so much...

 Here is Gandalf pinning on my mothers pin (Did you know moms get pins when their sons earn different ranks? Told you this program is teaching our sons right). He was having a hard time. His fine motor skills aren't the best. Plus baby girl was trying to get it. Then he dropped it down my shirt and tried to get it. I let him know I would take care of it. I went off to the side and shook out my shirt.
Being crazy. He was so happy and proud of himself

I am so proud of my growing boy! Glad that he has a group of boys to grow up with. Glad that he is learning to become an honest young man. And glad that he is having fun. Scouting is for all boys. And I love how they accept and encourage them to "do their best" whatever that it. I love the boys that I work with. And I love when past boys let me know what great things they are doing in scouting now.

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