Friday, January 16, 2015

January Traditons

I love traditions!

One tradition I started in 2011 is to interview each of my children around New Years Day. I found some questions listed some where and made a word document. I have read that birthdays are a great time to do this, but for my family New Years is ideal. I can do it New Years Eve or day. And I get them all done at once. Birthdays are so busy for us and I would be bummed if I forgot one of my kids. And for some reason I am pretty good at remembering to do this at the beginning of the year.

My kids love the one on one time. I take them in my room and lock the door to avoid interruptions. And I started video taping them as well because I don't want to miss anything and I wanted to record their expressions. After all the kids are done we gather as a family and read everyone's answers. Usually a lot of giggling is involved. Sometimes younger kids don't really understand the questions. But it is so fun to see their progression. I usually wait till they are really talking to interview them. Maybe next year for baby girl. (I am not sure where I acquired this list or if I even added my own questions. If you know the source please let me know)

A conversation with:
My favorite food:
My favorite sport
My favorite book
Coolest person on the earth
Favorite thing to learn about in school
The thing I do the most awesomely is
If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go
My favorite color is
When I grow up I am going to be a
My favorite song is
The book I am reading right now
Three words to describe me are
When I was little I use to
My favorite season of the year is
The best thing about vacation is
The snack I like best is
 One food I really dislike is
My best friend is
If I had one wish it would be
My best memory is
Favorite thing about my family
My goal for this next year is

Something that makes me happy is

At the end I ask them if they want to bare their testimony. This year we went back and re-read all their answers throughout the years.  I love this tradition and seeing how much they change. Or stay the same. And I love that they can make goals. Draco really wants to beat Gandalf at chess this year. One of these years he is going to.

It's not too late to grab a journal or some paper and ask away. Your child will love the one on one time and you will treasure capturing their answers. (I have a special box where I keep all treasure like this.) Use the questions I have or make your own. 

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