Thursday, January 15, 2015

Great News at School

My oldest boy Gandalf has so many great qualities. One of them that I admire is his willingness to put himself out there. I think it was last year he expressed interest in student government. He ran for a position and it didn't work out. I was proud of him for giving it a try. I would have never desired to run for anything that would require voting. I was super shy as a child. Trying out for something would be too intimidating for me as well.

And it's wonderful as a parent to see awesome qualities that they have that you know did not come from you as we see our children as their own person with their own spirit and qualities.

So Monday after school Gandalf gives me a permission slip about student government. I told him I was all for it, as long as he worked hard on his homework. He promised he would. Later I gave him the form signed and told him to put it in his backpack. I later found it on the ground outside his car and instructions were repeated. His short term memory isn't the best. (Long term memory:amazing!)

I was really proud of him for wanting to do this. But part of me felt like John Travolta's character in Hairspray when his daughter wanted to try out for Corny Collins show. I was nervous about him not making it and possibly being frustrated and not being about to process that in a "normal" way. Or getting his feelings hurt.Sometimes other kids don't understand why frustrations can bother him when it's no big deal to them.  I kept these things to myself because I don't want him to ever think he can't do something. But I worried a little bit.

The next morning I double checked verbally that his form was in his backpack. He verified. Then I wished him luck with the voting process. That's when he told me he had already won.

I couldn't believe it! I was so happy. It has been hard making new friends since we moved to Arizona. And making friends and having Asperger's is even harder. I was so proud that he put himself out there and ran for class representative. I wanted more information but we were at the drop off area and I needed to move. I texted my sweetheart and we both couldn't wait for a chance to talk to him.

When he came home I asked him why he didn't tell me the great news. He said he thought the letter and form explained it. (The letter just said my child show interest in student government and listed the meeting days and times) I could tell he felt good about himself. My hubby asked how many others ran against him. There was about 10. Gandalf, along with a girl from his class, will take ideas from his class to the student council. He will have meetings after school and an end of the year party. He wants to run for Vice President next year. I told him serving with the council will give him great experience. He told us he was the only one who gave a speech. It was his idea and he asked if he could. Gandalf said that since they are learning about pros and cons in class he listed several pros if he was elected.

My heart is so full that he will be able to have an opportunity to  make new friends and have his self confidence grow. I am so glad he had courage to run for office. I know that he is proud of himself. Changing schools and moving is hard. I know there are lots of social challenges he has and there are still hard times ahead.  I can only do so much as his mom.But I am grateful for the tender mercies from our Heavenly Father.

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  1. God answers prayers. I prayed so hard as I know many people did when he was upset because he didn't have any friends. God loves all his children, but he is especially proud of Garren.