Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Hubby's Mashed Potatoes

My favorite food at Thanksgiving is Mashed Potatoes. And my Hubby makes my favorite kind. Not only are they creamy and buttery, but when he makes them himself it's one less thing for me to make. They are pretty rich, but hey, it's Thanksgiving. I did make them more often when I was trying to get baby girl to gain some weight. Surprisingly, she doesn't like them. It must be a texture thing. All my boys love them. They are the only mashed potatoes Draco will eat. And I love that you don't peel them. Yay for less work!

Read ahead to get our family recipe that we have been making for years.

Hubby’s Mashed Potatoes
10 lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes (I will sometimes use red potatoes if they are on sale)
½ cup Heavy Cream (Buy it at Sam’s or Costco, so much cheaper)
1 ¼  Tbsp Kosher Salt
¾ Black Pepper
1 ¾ lb European Butter (richer and creamier)

Wash Potatoes. In a large pot boil unpeeled potatoes after cutting them into big chunks to speed up the cooking time. When fork tender, drain thoroughly. Add potatoes to a large bowl along with the rest of the ingredients. Cube up your butter first to help distribute the butter. Using a hand masher combine everything. Your potatoes should be creamy but still have some lumps. Grab a new spoon and taste. Feel free to add more salt or cream.

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