Friday, September 19, 2014

Pirate Traditions

It all started 9 years ago. Our family was in Barnes and Noble checking out children's books with my 6 month old son when I saw this sign. "Talk Like A Pirate Day September 19th" I said no way is this real. I found an employee and asked her. She told me she had never seen the sign before. I ended up buying a pirate book anyway. When I got home I looked it up and found out it was truly a real holiday.

And traditions were made.

Every year since then I have buried chocolate coins in a wooden treasure chest and invited the neighbor hood kids over to hunt for some pirate booty. I always draw a map. Most years I will use sidewalk chalk to draw rocks or shark fins or leave clues. I have even tied my pirate flag to our playground.  {Disclaimer: i didn't do a hunt in 2010 due to the fact I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and I didn't want to walk around the neighborhood drawing bridges on the sidewalk}

The point of this holiday is to have fun. And my family is all about having fun.

But it gets better. A couple of years ago I heard that if you dressed like a pirate and went to a participating Krispie Kreme and used Pirate Talk you would get a free doughnut. And if you dressed up like a Pirate (At least 3 pirate articles) then you would get a dozen FREE donuts for every person dressed up. My baby girl loved her 1st doughnut today!!!

Does is get any better???

So I am about to pick up my sons from early day. And if they clean their room, we just might have a treasure hunt today.

I have loved looking at photos of this holiday through the years. This is one of my boys favorite days. So join us in fun. Read a pirate book. Have a treasure hunt. Score some free doughnuts. Enjoy this fun day by taking time to enjoy the little things in life that are so fun. And if you are blessed with more doughnuts than you need, find someone who would be blessed by them. #sharegoodness

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