Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baby Girl's 1st Cookie and Sunday Thoughts

Tonight seemed like the perfect night to have my baby girl try her first cookie. I thought she might enjoy a gingersnap and seeing how my friend Judy makes the best Gingersnaps we had to use her recipe.

Ginger loved it! When I tried to pull it away, she tugged it back. Her older brothers were so excited she got to eat her first cookie. And they were excited to eat some as well. Some how as I was taking pictures of my girl little Yoda got a cookie even though he didn't eat his dinner.

Last week our Bishop (our local leader of my church) asked us to join him in fasting for a family in our ward that has some pretty big things going on right now. He shared how he has personally felt strength when others have prayed and fasted for him.

I have no idea who this family is. But my heart was touched. Because I too have felt the quiet strength that comes when you are being sustained by the prayers of others I knew our family should join. The first time I can remember feeling supported by others was when our second son was admitted to CHOC. He was 3 years old and we were pretty sure he had diabetes. I knew his numbers weren't good and our good friend told us we needed to get him there. 

While in the hospital room I was reflecting on what was happening. I thought about how much my husband and I were praying for him. And then I felt it. The quiet power when others, who love you, are offering prayers on your son's behalf. And not just mentioning it as a after thought at the end of their prayer, but sincerely petitioning on his behalf with full heart. In the coming weeks, people were telling me how they are praying for our brave son. I remember my dear Stake President telling me he put his name on the prayer roll at the temple. I know he is so busy and has stewardship over hundreds and yet he was concerned about my little 3 year old. It made me love and appreciate them so much more. It made me want to be better about sincerely praying as a family for others.

And of course I felt the peace, love, and prayers when we were in the NICU with our baby girl. She was so loved. So many prayers offered for her from all faiths. People who had never met her seeking the Lord to heal and care for her. My heart was so touched. And I know it made a difference.

Our experiences help us to have more compassion and love for others. I am so thankful for all those who have offered prayers for myself and my family. And I was more than happy  to extend my love to this family that I never met. My oldest son is having a hard time with fasting. And he promised last week he would join us (for at least 1 meal).

Before we started our fast I asked my husband to find a video to help our children prepare and understand this great work that we were doing by fasting. I hope this video inspires you as well.

This video above was perfect to invite the spirit and testify that we can all do good things and look for service. I am so thankful for so many people who have served and prayed for me. Our eldest had a good experience with his fast. It was hard, but I think he felt good. And, extra blessings arrive tonight by way of yummy brownies from a member of our church who wanted to welcome us to the ward.  I know that we can look for ways to serve and help others and find true happiness. I know praying and fasting for others can bring strength and peace. I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who hears our prayers and answers them.

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