Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We Love our New Home...

I love our new home. I love the extra space. I love the extra storage. 
And I love the way this dresser Omera gave me looks next to our "Harry Potter" closet. Gavin was kinda bummed when we told him it wasn't really his room.

Even though our home looks different from these pictures a took a couple weeks ago, I wanted to share our home. Here is our front entrance. I am still working on a project that I have to finish before I can hang up those pictures. And I have since then printed up updated photos of my kids. {yay!}

 I love having lots of space in my kitchen. I feel like I will use everything more because I don't have to pull it out of obscure places. I love having things accessible. Also I am trying hard to have flat surfaces and things put away and out of sight.

Here is our beautiful table my friend Jeff built for us. Along with a Lego cup, an essential in our home. And the kids favorite part of our house: the computer desk. I think they thought screen time would be endless here. Life can be hard sometimes...

Here is our family room. I love having high ceilings and large walls. And I feel so much better now that we have frames up. We have still yet to find a piano teacher. It's going to hard to top Julie Matthews. It's fun finding places to hang things and changing up your furniture. 

 Here is the other side of our family room. I scored that table for $10. I was pretty excited, especially because I left my old one behind. Also I was able to get a great rug at a fun store called At Home. It's essential because the baby girl has fallen down on those floors and it's not fun.

Here are my two little helpers while the older boys are at school. I have been trying to work on my talents and take pictures in manual mode. It's so not my strength. But pictures make my heart happy so I am thinking I need to work on it.
I love little Yoda's smile is this one. We currently have about 7 light sabers out right now. His current obsession is light saber battles. Especially when Dad comes home. The baby girl's favorite thing is her tea set she got from her Grandma for her birthday.

Life is pretty grand. I love my new home. But I am missing my dear friends. I know this is where The Lord wants me to be. What a blessing I was asked to move to such a lovely place. I love driving by farms and cows and horses, without it smelling like cows and horses. I love our wonderful school. I love seeing the temple every day when I am driving about. I love the clouds and red rock. I love the great shopping and selection. And I really love the air conditioning. 

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